Co-op Bank UK

The Co-operative Bank has

The Co-operative Bank is changing – for our customers as well as our people. We’re going through a big transformation that’ll not only help us to create a more profitable bank, but help us to support our customers better right across the UK too.

For driven and ambitious people like you, it’s a real opportunity to make your mark as we look to reshape our business into a smaller, more efficient bank. A bank that’s perfect for individuals and small and medium sized businesses – one that’s underpinned by a unique set of values and ethics that truly sets us apart.

Whether you join us in branch, in our contact centres or in head office, you’ll have a big role to play – and if you’re as driven and focused as we are, there’s never been a better time to get involved.

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  • Feed Baby Supplement at the breast (Slow gaining baby, Adoption & Surrogacy, Working mother)
  • Aid Suck-Training, for oral physical therapy (Poor suckling, Cleft lip/palate)
  • Effective nutritive suckling builds milk supply (Low milk supply)
  • Maintain or re-establish the breastfeeding bond (Delayed breastfeeding, Premature baby)

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