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I am sad to see people's negative comments. After all you are making an investment in the children. You are increasing their "Face Value". If along the way some fees are charged, it costs money to run any business! I simply am a volunteer fundraiser near Seattle. I am unpaid, and retired. Are the fees excessive, I dont think so. Office expenses may well refer to the fees they pay for facility rentals when they set up mission sites in Vietnam, or Philippines, China etc. Travel expenses would be high, sending volunteers and equipment around the world, is not getting any less expensive. I know first hand thet the funds are spent on surgical missions. I was contacted locally in Seattle, by a relative of a child in the Phil. The parents wanted to find out how to get in touch with Operation Smile. They sent the info to the relative here, and they furnished it to me. I sent it to Norfolk VA, Operation Smile. It was forwarded to Manila, Phil. Soon they contacted the family. The child was interviewed, and recieved the free surgery. I know, because they forwarded an email, to me stating that the 5 year old child had the operation 3 days earlier and was home resting.

How much did it cost to help change the childs Life?
In November 2012, over 1, 200 surgical procedures were performed in the Philippines alone. There were a lot of volunteers along the way, but a lot of costs, paid for by donations, as well as medical supplies etc.

I have faith in the Operation Smile organition, but here will not be a monetary return on the dollars you donate. You will get a tax write off. And wake up one day with the realization that you changed many childrens lives for the better

I have personally talked with some of the doctors and staff who have travelled on numerous surgical missions. They love to smile after changing a childs life for ever. However that is in contrast to thepain of having to tell tell sad parents, that their child is not healthy enough for surgery, or they do not have enought funding for any additional surgeries this trip, and they must wait for the next mission. (next year?).

If the money in questionwas put in the surgical cashflow, children would be the real benefactors, and

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