Quotes that make girls Smile

Quotes-Tumblr-Smile-34By Yara Atiyeh

This quote was and still all over the social media, and everyone is posting and liking it. But do they really believe and enforce it?

Along with many other quotes on inner beauty and that make-up doesn’t make you beautiful on the inside, this one stood out. For a second, I thought they believed in its meaning. Apparently, nobody believes anything these days.

To be fair though, looks are the first thing we see in a person and not by our choice. I wish we could see people on the inside when we first meet them so we can judge them by who they truly are. Because make-up can make you pretty on the outside, however only your character makes you beautiful and a light to others hearts.

Not to mention, a good heart can be your legacy that will pass among others by leaving a constant trail of your memory and the amazing, memorable impact you left rather than a box of make-up.

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