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PictureThe New York State Dental Foundation Give Kids a Smile Award
Since 2007, the New York State Dental Foundation has given more than $200, 000 to community health centers or service programs as part of its Give Kids a Smile Award program. The Foundation recognizes these programs’ ability to build, expand or enhance education, access and/or capacity with respect to oral health care for children. The NYSDF Give Kids a Smile Award raises awareness among the community at large our children deserve good oral health.
The Foundation is no longer accepting nominations for the 2015 GKAS award.

Dr. Maria Maranga presents the Suffolk County Dental Association with the Foundation’s Give Kids a Smile Awards on February 7, 2015 at the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead. Suffolk County received the reward in recognition for its annual GKAS Program, which provides dental screenings and education to families.Picture Additionally, Suffolk County works with the Family Service League of Long Island to help offer advice to families that attend by helping them to obtain Medicaid or other financial assistance. Both organizations also partner with the Save-A-Smile program, which matches individuals who are not eligible for Medicaid but not wealthy enough to afford emergency dental treatment with volunteer SCDS members who are willing to provide treatment pro bono.

PictureHelping Children Through Give Kids a Smile

The American Dental Association began the Give Kids A Smile program in 2003 as a way for dentists to join with others in the community to provide dental services to underserved children. The program initially began as a one-day event in February, but has since grown to local and national events year-round. Dentists and other team members volunteer their time, and services, to provide screenings, treatments and education to children throughout the United States. Each year, approximately 400, 000 children benefit from more than 1, 500 events, all because of the efforts of 40, 000 or more annual volunteers.

PictureThere are many exciting upcoming events for Give Kids A Smile:
Important Dates:

  • Oct. 1, 2014: Sign Up for GKAS Day 2015 Goes Live
  • Oct. 22-25, 2014: GKAS Community Leadership Development Institute in St. Louis
  • Nov. 10, 2014: Product Request Deadline
  • Dec. 8, 2014: Product Recipient List Posted
  • Jan. 19, 2015: Product Delivered During Week of Jan. 19
  • Feb. 6, 2015: GKAS Day

The New York State Dental Foundation

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