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A woman in gray shirt holding her ears and sticking her tongue out.The main point of the April Fools’ Day quotes is to share a piece of wisdom with you. These quotes or sayings all contain a kind of warning that you will be pranked on this day or they teach you how to handle the situation. You might think that they come from a different era, but the truth is that people don’t change that much over the years.

The April Fool Day sayings are just as true today as they have been a hundred years ago. Maybe you shouldn’t dismiss them. It might be a good idea to share such wisdom with others as well.

The April Fools’ Day Sayings Will Bring Some Joy to Your Day, but They Will Also Teach You a Little Something about This Holiday

So, which are the best April Fool Day quotes you can find? Read on to find out 7 that seem to have the biggest impact on people.

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.”

A shadow of a guy's head with two fingers sticking behind.This is a saying you may have heard a million times before. Although it is one of the appropriate April Fools’ Day sayings, it is a piece of wisdom you can use in any area of your life. If you are thinking about April Fools’, you should make sure you don’t let the same person prank you twice.

However, if you’re thinking about life, if someone tricks you once, you have to make sure they won’t be able to do it the second time or they simply won’t have the chance. This is a Chinese proverb and we have to admit, ancient Chinese people knew something about life.

“A man always blames the woman who fools him. In the same way he blames the door he walks into in the dark.”

When looking for happy April Fools’ Day quotes, this is one that only women are able to truly appreciate. You may know by now that whatever goes wrong in a relationship, men always blame women (although we have to admit that women tend to always blame men).

A guy with a frowny face pointing with his finger.This saying is meant to open the eyes of people that in some cases other people are to blame for their problems just like walking doors. April Fools’ Day quotes and sayings are supposed to be funny, but there is some truth to them, if you come to think of it. People always tend to blame others for their problems or their misfortune.

“Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else.”

On April Fools’ Day all pranks seem to be funny, especially if others are getting pranked. Will Rogers really managed to grab the essence of life with this saying. For sure you can’t tell you have seen funny things but they might have not seemed so funny if they happened to you.

There is nothing wrong at laughing at others are long as they are laughing as well. If they aren’t, it only means that you are laughing at another person’s problems. So what does that make you? For sure you like to think of yourself as a good person.

“Even the gods love jokes.”

This one of the sayings for April Fools’ Day appeared in a time when people were truly afraid of upsetting the gods. Plato wanted to let people know that it is alright to joke with others. In the same time he also approached another aspect: the humanity of the gods, or better yet, the fact that they’re not as different from humans as people might think. It is one of the special characteristics of Greek mythology that the gods have been created to have human flaws, so it is just normal that they like to have a good laugh.

Woman making funny faces and holding her hands shaped like glasses. A figurine of a little angel. A black and white cat yawning. A bowl, a cup, and glasses shaping a head.

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