How to get a beautiful smile?

Oh, the unspeakable acts I'd commit for a whiter smile. (I may or may not be guilty of plastering on two-hour Crest Whitestrips and sitting, mute, through a meeting.) And if the number of people trolling the dental-hygiene aisle at Walgreens last weekend was any indication, I am not alone. Call it the Award Season Effect, but unlike Jessica Chastain's cheekbones or Angelina's leg(s), a whiter smile is actually attainable. I spoke to New York dentist Lee Gause, who cares for the gorgeous grins of Ford Models and regular folk alike, about getting a whiter, healthier smile.

Start with an at-home whitening product. White strips do work. And there are options beyond that, too, like Boots Pearl Drops Beauty Sleep Overnight Serum—a nice mix of whitening peroxide and tooth-strengthening fluoride that tastes not half bad. For the day-in-day-out task of whitening, Gause recommends stashing a whitening pen, like Finishing Touch Smile Pen, in your bag ("take this to the bathroom after two glasses of red wine"). Don't bother chewing whitening gum, though. It doesn't sit on the teeth long enough to make a difference.

And during a whitening routine, you really can't have coffee. Or anything staining, for that matter. Peroxide—the actual whitening agent—opens your teeth's pores (yes, teeth have pores), which means they'll absorb anything, so you should also skip red wine (and some white wines, so let's just say wine), black tea, white tea, ketchup, mustard, and hot chocolate.

Stash extra toothbrushes everywhere. If you're serious about whitening, frequent brushing is a must. A whitening toothpaste isn't strong enough to dramatically whiten teeth on its own, but it'll help scrub away new stains with a mild abrasive ingredient called silica. New formulas also come with fluoride (look for .018 percent or above). Gause recommends Crest toothpaste; try Crest 3D White Enamel Renewal.

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