Smiling eyes Quotes

Smile, Must Wear Accessory for girls, Quotes tumblrNo matter, how much we spend on our looks but sometimes a “Smile” can do a job of millions. Isn’t it?

Yes, it is.

Being a very social and smiley person, today I am here with some crispy quotes on Smile written by me So just scroll down to discover my thoughts & your quotes on “Smile”.

Smile, a must wear accessory for girls

A smile, enough to remove sadness of many …. So always meet to most tensed people with a smile on face

To look beautiful is not that much tough…. Just Smile

Smile for no reason? Either you are crazy for you are in Love

Smile with lips .. is ordinary, Try to smile with Eyes

A smile can cover million of wars happening just inside you.

Sometimes, a Smile can calm the anger of Hitler

a FaKe Smile can hiDe Millions of Tears

Beauiful Smile Quotes Images Look Beautiful with Smile Quotes SMile in love quotes Smile with Lips is Ordinary Quotes, Beautiful eyes

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