Smile Train NYC

Imagine a world where every child can smile. That’s the world our client Smile Train, an international children’s charity that provides 100% free cleft repair surgery to children in developing countries, strives to create by providing the resources needed to give every child born with a cleft the surgery and related treatment to transform his or her life.

Recently with Smile Train we launched “When You’re Smiling”, an interactive art installation that lives online and as as a traveling exhibit.

On the participants around the world can record a video of themselves singing a line from the classic song “When You’re Smiling” and join the collective voices that sing the full song together. The site then loops everyone’s recordings through ever-changing arrangements, encouraging viewers to share Smile Train’s message, and donate.

A pop-up exhibit brings the web experience to life giving people an opportunity to fully immerse themselves and lend their voices in support of Smile Train. The installation recently premiered at Photoville in Brooklyn, NYC, a one-of-a-kind annual event that uses repurposed shipping containers to create a constellation of photography exhibits each year. Smile Train’s exhibit featured two customized containers – one where participants could record a line from “When You’re Smiling” and see their video stitched together with other voices on large-scale LCD screens.

In the second, adjacent container, Smile Train exhibited photojournalistic images that tell the stories of five patients (of over one million) whose lives have been changed by cleft repair surgery provided by Smile Train.

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