Medical Mission organizations



Medical and dental mission teams are needed to help provide health care to the communities surrounding the clinic facility at Cite Soleil. Teams work in collaboration with our MICECC medical staff to treat acute and chronic illnesses and provide health education, and screening services. A medical teams consist of MDs, DOs, NPs, PAs, Nurses, Pharmacists and EMTs/Paramedics. Including ophthalmologists, dentists, PT/OT and other specialists is encouraged to create a more comprehensive clinic. Medical, NP/PA, and dental students are welcome but cannot work without supervision in a ratio of one provider per four students.

Due to the complex nature of medical mission trips, we have provided extensive information based on current medical and mission organizations’ standards and years of experience in the field. We recommend that you read the Medical Mission Guidelines thoroughly. This guide will provide you necessary information regarding our clinic, formulary and protocols.

Often a diagnosis may be determined based on history, but bear in mind that common symptoms may have very different etiologies in Haiti versus North America. We encourage all provider to familarize themself with the appropiate treatment protocols for working with this population. Several resources regarding treatment of tropical diseases, including STD algorithms and dermatological conditions (with photos) are available below.

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